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MANTRA DAO supports the sustainable growth of decentralized finance (DeFi). Following this spirit, ZENDIT aims to connect MANTRA DAO’s Sherpa community with the newest and most promising DeFi projects.

ZENDIT is a launchpad for up-and-coming DeFi projects that have been thoroughly vetted by our Council. Projects that launch their tokens on ZENDIT need to provide clear solutions, have transparent development goals, and be backed by diligent teams who will participate in AMAs to keep Sherpas informed about what they’re planning.    

The list of requirements that projects must meet to launch on ZENDIT is comprehensive. As a result, Sherpas can depend on ZENDIT as a reliable resource for investing early in tokens with projects that have a legitimate chance of succeeding.

ZENDIT Provides a Fair and Decentralized Launchpad

MANTRA DAO is a one-stop umbrella DeFi platform that strives to bring sustainable services for lending, staking, and swapping to the entire planet in a transparent and community-driven way.

ZENDIT is part of our larger mission to lead DeFi towards a sustainable future built on quality decentralized services. By vetting the projects that debut on ZENDIT’s launchpad, MANTRA DAO provides frontline due diligence for every Sherpa’s DeFi ambitions.

As a launchpad, ZENDIT seeks to distribute tokens among the community fairly. This is why token launches on ZENDIT are distributed via a decentralized fixed swapping protocol (DEX), as there are many benefits presented by launching tokens through an initial DEX offering (IDO).

An IDO guarantees transparency, as Sherpas can see the actual number of tokens on offer. An IDO launchpad also prevents bad actors from pumping and dumping tokens, benefiting everyone involved.

ZENDIT’s IDO launchpad helps assure that tokens can be metered out fairly, so a greater number of Sherpas can gain exposure to quality projects, and projects can gain exposure with a broader audience of mature investors.

Increased Benefits for Sherpas Participating in the Community

Not all projects are made alike, so token allocations on ZENDIT are distributed accordingly, project by project. This will allow for an increase in the number of Sherpas that can access tokens at a project’s time of launch, regardless of how many tokens a project allocates to our launchpad.

All Sherpas will gain premier access to the newest and most promising, but high-achieving Sherpas will get higher levels of allocation than others. Token allocations and token access will be determined by a sherpa’s ranking within six tiers, each with their own requirements for entry:

Tier 0: OLYMPUS MONS — Supply 188,000 Om on ZENTEREST (zenOM)
Tier 1: EVEREST — Supply 50,000 OM on ZENTEREST (zenOM)
Tier 2: ACONCAGUA — Stake 40,000 OM (sOM)
Tier 3: DENALI — Hold 30,000 OM
Tier 4: KILIMANJARO — Hold 100M OM Staked NFT
Tier 5: ELBRUS — Hold a MANTRA DAO PolkaPet NFT

Tier 0 is a recent addition to ZENDIT’s tier system, and — like several of MANTRA DAO’s elements — originated from a community request. Tier 0 guarantees that Sherpas who elect to participate in a ZENTEREST IDO launch will indeed gain access to tokens, as Tier 0 token allocations will be split by the number of participants.

In the spirit of full transparency, MANTRA DAO will announce each swap pool’s asset pairs ahead of time, and pools will be left open until they are filled or until their pre-assigned duration expires. Cutoff dates and times for meeting participation requirements will also be established for each launch, and snapshots will be taken to distinguish eligible wallets from those that will not be permitted to participate.

Bringing Trust Back to the Crypto Community

The 2017-18 initial coin offering (ICO) bubble led to a massive rethink about how new projects should approach funding. Unfortunately, it also led to an enormous backlash against ICOs, as many people FOMO-ed, or bought tokens based on hype without doing their due diligence, sinking their resources into projects that disappeared overnight.

It’s safe to say that today’s IDO token releases are a welcomed change of direction in the aftermath of the ICO fallout.  

During that boom and bust, billions of dollars were pumped into projects that appeared legitimate but had no real chance of delivering on their promises. Adding to this problem, a disturbing number of scam projects would put impressive work into producing convincing whitepapers and building eye-catching websites, without spending an iota of effort in setting up an actually successful enterprise. Once this bait drove the sale of enough worthless tokens, they would promptly flee, taking their investors’ funds with them.

But things have changed for the better since the fallout of the ICO bust. Throwing investment capital at unvetted projects that could disappear overnight simply isn’t a sustainable business model for the future of DeFi, and investing in fledgling DeFi projects shouldn’t be like playing the lottery. This is where ZENDIT comes in as a solution.

ZENDIT sorts the projects that have the skill and forward planning to reach the highest peaks from those that forgot their water bottles at basecamp. That way, our Sherpas don’t have to.

Building a DeFi Community for Projects and Investors

Launchpads have evolved to meet the next generation efforts of the crypto and DeFi community in supporting new talent and ideas in the blockchain sphere. ZENDIT counts itself among the ranks of a growing number of successful IDO launchpads like BSCPad and Polkastarter that help deserving projects secure funding, so they can go on to do great things.

What sets ZENDIT apart is its focus on serving the MANTRA DAO Sherpa community. The stronger and more diversified that the portfolio of each and every Sherpa becomes, the stronger MANTRA DAO’s community can be.        

MANTRA DAO has built an excellent reputation for transparency and cooperation in the pursuit of building a sustainable DeFi DAO. Whenever we identify great projects, we will share them with our Sherpas via ZENDIT.

There are tons of great DeFi projects out there that share the same spirit of hard work and success as MANTRA DAO, and we are constantly on the lookout for the best of these. If you think your project meets this criteria and want to launch on ZENDIT — reaching our worldwide community of Sherpas participating in sustainable DeFi for the long haul — contact us at

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