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Update on RAZE Vesting Schedule For ZENDIT Investors


  • The RAZE community decided to update their vesting schedule
  • All investor and advisor tokens are now fully unlocked
  • To bring the ZENDIT investors on the same vesting schedule, their remaining RAZE tokens will be airdropped to them on Aug 16, 2021
  • ZENDIT users must claim any pending token unlocks from the ZENDIT platform by August 23, 2021, after which these claims will no longer be possible


The RAZE community has updated their vesting schedule for all investors, which includes the Sherpas that successfully participated in the RAZE ZENDIT IDO.

The original vesting schedule had 9.72% of your tokens claimable every month from the TGE until January 2022. The change in vesting means that all of your RAZE tokens are now unlocked, with the balance being airdropped to your wallet.

Steps to receive your RAZE tokens:

Participants of the ZENDIT IDO will need to claim all tokens available as of August 16, 2021.

The remaining 48.62% of the RAZE tokens will be airdropped on August 16, 2021 to the participating wallets.

Users will have until the end of day on August 23, 2021 to claim their RAZE tokens, after which they will no longer be accessible.

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