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I spy with my little eye, some ice for my wrist that I can put on my new Genesis Block crypto card! Join us this week as we explore numerous aspects of MANTRA DAO’s day-to-day business including a continued build-out of the tech team and improving our delegator rewards program.

Next, for JP’s second purchase with his new Genesis Block ( crypto credit card, after buying ice for himself, it would only be fair to buy one for the missus as well!

Will helps give a break down into some of the differences between how the Genesis Block crypto credit card works compared to some of the other market comparisons like, Binance, and Gemini.

Which team member will be next to be featured for a behind-the-scenes look at their daily routine? The team draws names from a hat to find out!

Work hard, play hard! On July 1st, a public holiday in Hong Kong, JP lives it up and parties it up on a junk boat as he promises to drink a whole bottle of vodka if we get 888 likes on this video!

Speaking of drinking, the team gets a Jagermeister machine as a new gift at the office just in time for a happy Friday to close out the week!

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