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Your Role as


Grab a climbing rope! You're part of the expedition!

  • Like and comment on MANTRA DAO posts.

  • Share links and graphics from MANTRA DAO.

  • Create and share original content.

  • Help translate and localize MANTRA DAO materials.

  • Earn points to exchange for swag, special giveaways, OM tokens, and more!

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Representing MANTRA DAO

  • Create thoughtful and meaningful experiences and content.

  • Build a welcoming and inclusive environment that harbours creativity and growth.

  • Breathe fun and a collaborative playfulness into every aspect of our business, platform, and brand!

Using the Sherpa Platform

  • Connect with your fellow Sherpas.

  • See where you stand with fellow Sherpas on the leaderboard.

  • Find all previous and current engagement opportunities and pushes.

  • Exchange Sherpa points for swag, OM tokens, and other rewards.

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